About us

Play Your Future is a startup founded in 2019, headquartered in Lisbon. Its field of action is at the intersection of three growing industries: sport, education, and gaming.

With the digital platform AKTO, Play Your Future provides quality contents on the world of sport to all young sport enthusiasts who are looking for education and orientation. These contents are accessible through a game-based mechanism that eases the learning process, enhances user engagement, measures their competencies, and offers them concrete job opportunities. An innovative e-learning model to train the sport professionals of tomorrow.


In less than a year, Play Your Future has reached numerous objectives.
The support of Cape Verde

AKTO has received the appreciation and official support of the Government of Cape Verde through the Ministry of Sport and the State Secretary for Professional Innovation and Education. The Government of Cape Verde is managing the distribution of the platform in the country.

Youth connect

AKTO has officially launched during Cape Verde’s Youth Connect, an event supported by the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) and part of the network of Pan-African conferences Youth Connect Africa.

Portugal 2020

AKTO has obtained a Portuguese state subsidy called “Qualificação”, part of Portugal 2020 support program. Thus, AKTO has the right to have access to this funding for business development, without the obligation to return. The project was scored 4.5 out of 5 by the evaluation committee of Portugal 2020.

480,000€ already invested

AKTO has already convinced numerous investors who believe in the project and share its vision. These fundings enable the creation of quality contents and the constant development of the software to let the app fulfil its potential.


The objectives

Play Your Future wants to reach two objectives: to offer young people in emerging countries – but not only – an accessible education and provide them with concrete job opportunities in sport.

With its B2B2C model, it is directed at Governments, Institutions, Federations that want to give young generations a tool to approach this growing industry, with an evolved platform and quality contents.

To accomplish this, Play Your Future seeks the support of investors who share the vision of a world in which education accessible to all and rightsholders who are willing to offer internships to the most deserving students on AKTO.


Finance, sports marketing, digital loyalty, management, education.

Five key competences covered by a solid team of founders and advisors, with different ages and experiences in different industries all over the world, and a dedicated academic committee.

Dario Montagnese
Beniamino Savio
Fulvio Furbatto
Marco Nazzari
Romy Gai


AKTO’s contents are all insource produced by Play Your Future’s team and the international academic committee.

They are based on thousands of sources from all over the world, supervised and structured in an organic and interrelated educational plan by an international academic committee. The lessons are shaped into stories and adapted to the culture of each market by a copywriting team.

Paolo Piani

He is Secretary of the Technical Sector of FIGC (the Italian football federation), member of the UEFA Jira Panel, and has a strong experience in academia and sport education: he has been responsible for the Studies and Research Centre of the Technical Sector of FIGC and has held courses at CONI (Italian Olympic committee) Scuola dello Sport and at Mastersport Institute. He currently teaches statistics at San Raffaele University and collaborates with “Il Sole 24 Ore Sport”.

Caterina Rota

PhD in Marketing for Business Strategies, she is in charge of research activity, content selection and production for AKTO.
She has strong international experience in sport business within leading academic institutions (CIES, De Montfort University, URJC), NOC (CONI), football leagues (in UAE and Italy) and clubs (Juventus F.C.).
She is active in both academic and scientific collaborations with the Department of Human Sciences of University of Verona, and in a range of projects on Good Governance and Organizational Compliance.

Francisco Rubio Sánchez

He is the Academic Director of the international program of sport management for FIFA’s CIES (Centro Internacional de Estudios del Deporte), he serves as advisor and mediator for enterprises in the field of governance and social responsibility, and he takes part, among other associations, to the Asociación Española de Derecho Deportivo.
He is the author of various publications in the field of sports law and holds numerous courses on the subject.

The quality of the educational plan and its contents is certified through a validation and revalidation process that is reported HERE

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