It's a concept

Play Your Future is a way for young people to face their path into the future. It draws inspiration from sport, its values and lessons: never stop training, aim to improve, have fun while doing it.

It's an app

AKTO launched in Cape Verde in 2019. It is an edutainment digital platform focused on sport’s job market, whose aim is to sustainably professionalize the sport industry.

It's a gamebook

The Gamebook is a tool to discover the sport industry and its professional opportunities, with an engaging format for the reader.

The idea

Play Your Future has been conceived with an eye on the increasing complexity of the world and its infinite facets, including the job market. In a time of great evolutions, new challenges arise.

Play Your Future is an approach with which these challenges can be faced. Sport is the inspiration in its ability to offer powerful tools to take on complexities, through its extraordinary stories, lessons and values. Sport is the inspiration in its constant training and desire to develop, in playing every game with a sense of lightness, in always giving the best.

Play Your Future translates into a learning method that is stimulating, fun and effective thanks to an active engagement of the student. This method is the foundation of The Gamebook of the same name and AKTO, an edutainment digital platform.

A digital learning platform

The sport industry told in videos, for a fun and accessible orientation process. 12 chapters divided into 3 levels of difficulty, downloadable files, tests and quizzes to climb a ranking and gain prizes, experiences and professional opportunities.

A physical training support

The Gamebook dares readers to follow their dreams.
101 insights, numerous tests and minigames,
and two versions of boardgame: solo and multiplayer.

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