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It was created to guide young people in their search for their own path, introducing them to the world of the sports industry and its professions, and offering concrete job opportunities through a meritocratic mechanism: the opportunities will be awarded to the users with the best results.

AKTO is the first edutainment app with which to get involved, learn through videos, play games and show your value to the market, in order to win your dream job.

A unique app for the DEVELOPMENT of YOUNG PEOPLE

High-quality study plan with a customizable educational path choosing interests adapted to each student.

Learn anywhere on a platform designed to be used everywhere.

Game-based learning to challenge every young person to play.

Quickly accessible content in line with the new communication paradigm peculiar to the new generations.

A unique app for the INDUSTRY DEVELOPMENT

High Quality Content certified by an academic committee.

Versatile formats customized according to project objectives.

Customizable content and study plans for all partners.

Selection tool for internships and professional opportunities.

Key factors

AKTO users can personalize their learning path and learn anywhere, anytime.






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