A project

of education &


designed for the sports industry,
which starts from the very foundation of the system:
young people and their training path.

Our mission

To make quality education accessible to all young people, to orient them towards concrete job opportunities in the world of sport and to support, at the same time, the professionalisation of this sector.


A certified educational course, created with the contribution of an academic committee, which teaches the topics of the sports industry and the professional opportunities that orbit around it, with an innovative methodology, based on the principles of “game-based learning”; hundreds of contents delivered in digital form through a dedicated app, to prepare young people to face the new challenges of the future and bring value both to them and to the entire sports system.

Business Model

Through a B2B2C model, AKTO is aimed at Governments, Institutions, and Federations wishing to offer young people a tool to bring them closer to this fast-growing industry, with an advanced platform and quality content.
AKTO represents, for these actors, a communication platform related to SGDs issues, ready to use and customizable.


Support from the Government of Cape Verde

AKTO received the trust and official support of Cape Verde, through the Ministry of Sports and the Secretary of State for Innovation and Professional Education. The government of Cape Verde is managing the distribution of the platform in the country

Support "Portugal 2020"

Accredited by the Portuguese governament with the “Qualification” grant, as part of the Portugal 2020 support programme. The project was rated 4.5 – on a scale of 5 – by the Funding Evaluation Committee.

€416,000 investment

AKTO received a subsidy from the Portugal 2020 financing program with 40% non-refundable support.

Assesment by the Politecnico di Torino

An assessment process carried out by the Politecnico di Torino found a positive impact on 5 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals developed by the United Nations: 4. Decent work and economic growth, 9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure, 10. Reducing inequality and 17| Partnership for the goals.

Youth connect

AKTO has officially launched during Cape Verde’s Youth Connect, an event supported by the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) and part of the network of Pan-African conferences Youth Connect Africa.

AWE Sport experience

The project was conceived and is being developed with the support of an international group from the sports industry, specialized in fan engagement and institutional and brand consultancy.

Academic Committee

AKTO’s contents are all insource produced by the team and the international academic committee.

They are based on thousands of sources from all over the world, supervised and structured in an organic and interrelated educational plan by an international academic committee. The lessons are shaped into stories and adapted to the culture of each market by a copywriting team.

Paolo Piani

is currently secretary of the Technical Sector of the Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio and member of UEFA’s Jira Panel. He has an extensive academic and sports background and currently teaches at San Raffaele University and collaborates with ‘Il Sole 24 Ore Sport’.

Francisco Rubio Sánchez

Author of several publications on sports law, he is currently academic director of the international sports governance programme at CIES (Centro Internacional de Estudios del Deporte). He acts as a consultant and mediator for companies in the field of governance and social responsibility and participates, among other associations, in the Asociación Española de Derecho Deportivo. In April 2022, he became a mediator for FIFA within the framework of the regulatory and organisational restructuring of the football tribunal carried out by the international federation’s legal department.

Caterina Rota

With a PhD in Business Strategy Marketing, he was responsible for AKTO’s research, selection and content production activities. She has solid international experience in the sports sector at leading academic institutions (CIES, Montfort University, URJC), NOC (CONI), football leagues (in the United Arab Emirates and Italy) and clubs (Juventus F.C.).

The quality of the educational plan and its contents is certified through a validation and revalidation process that is reported HERE

Our Team

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CEO & CO-Founder
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International expert
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Design Team
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