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Turin, 8th june 2023 – Sports champions together for AKTO Play Your Future. After a two-year development phase, the education and professionalization project designed for the sports industry and aimed at young people is ready to start again to offer training and opportunities to tomorrow’s professionals. A return full of novelties, with the presence of 6 prestigious Brand Ambassadors: Giorgio Chiellini, Filippo Tortu, Giuseppe Poeta, Martina Rosucci, Mara Navarria and Federica Cesarini.


To strengthen its presence in the industry, APYF has decided to create a veritable team of Ambassadors. A team of talents who best embody the values of this project: commitment, determination, willingness to learn and always looking ahead to new challenges. Starting with the team’s ‘captain’, Giorgio Chiellini. Always at APYF’s side, the current Los Angeles FC footballer is relaunching by joining the company as a partner. The former Juventus and Italian national football team player has always been sensitive to issues concerning education and training. As part of his studies, he holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Turin and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the same university. He is the emblem of the team of sportsmen who represent the spirit of APYF. In the team, together with Chiellini, there are also the sprinter Olympic champion in Tokyo 2020 in the 4×100, Filippo Tortu; assistant coach of the Italian national basketball team and Olimpia Milano Giuseppe Poeta, Juventus and Italian national football team player Martina Rosucci, Olympic and world medallist fencer Mara Navarria and reigning Olympic champion in the lightweight rowing doubles Federica Cesarini.


AKTO Play Your Future starts from the very foundation of the system: young people and their training. Through a B2B2C model, AKTO Play Your Future is aimed at Companies, Institutions, Federations and Teams that wish to offer young people a tool to bring them closer to this fast-growing industry, with a digital platform, an innovative methodology and quality content. The initiative was born in 2020 in Portugal and was subsequently accredited by the Portuguese Government with a grant from the Qualification call, within the Portugal 2020 support program. After a further development phase and numerous recognitions, AKTO Play Your Future is ready for new challenges and to achieve further goals.


The learning process is based on the innovative methodology of game-based learning: through a dedicated app, young people will be able to enjoy hundreds of video contents, interspersed with quizzes and tests that will increase user engagement. At the end of the training course, the young people will have an in-depth orientation on the sports industry, its main dynamics, and its professions. They will then be ready to get involved and bring new ideas, and thus value, to the entire sports system. Beniamino Savio, CEO and founder of Akto Play Your Future: “Play Your Future was created to offer a concrete opportunity to all young enthusiasts who want to play a role in the sports industry. It was also born for the sports system: to offer skills, through the creation of the future lever of workers. It is a holistic, social project, offering all actors in the system a role, a responsibility, and a positive impact. To young people, who must turn their passion into energy to study hard: in return they will have access to quality training at a very affordable cost (or even zero) and to concrete job opportunities. To the rightsholders, who will have to get involved by offering internships and acting as amplifiers to make the project known to their communities: in return they will have passionate and prepared young people to help them in their work. in return they will have passionate and prepared young people to help them achieve their goals. Finally, to companies and institutions, which will have to allocate part of their investments in sport for education: in return they will have a powerful and valuable social marketing tool”.

Giorgio Chiellini, entrepreneur, and Los Angeles FC footballer: “To build your future you need to make sacrifices, pour a lot of sweat, but above all you need to build a solid package of skills. You need to train every day to try to become what you want and above all to achieve your desired goals. We live in a world dominated by complexity and speed. To keep up with the times, you need to arm yourself with the right tools. Skills make the difference, in any field, in sport as in life”.

Filippo Tortu, sprinter, and Olympic champion in Tokyo 2020: “Chasing one’s dreams and working hard to achieve them is what I have always tried to do. Ever since I was a child I had only one fixed thought: to win a medal at the Olympics and follow in the footsteps of past champions like Livio Berruti and Pietro Mennea. Although it was always a dream and never a real goal, I discovered that with passion, method, and perseverance even the biggest dreams can come true. Every penny lowered is the result of hard work, made up of updating, preparation, and planning. It is we, and only we, who build our future.

Giuseppe Poeta, assistant coach of the Italian national basketball team and Olimpia Milano: ‘Transmitting one’s ‘know-how’ to others I believe is one of the noblest activities that can exist. I have always thought that accompanying other people in the pursuit of their goals was as complex as it was stimulating, and it is perhaps also for this reason that I chose to become a coach. This role pushes me every day to update and learn new things. That’s what my ‘Play Your Future’ is all about: growing and evolving every day.

Martina Rosucci, Juventus, and Italian national team player: “It is always difficult to plan. When I was a young girl, women’s football in Italy was a little practiced sport and the transition to professionalism was not even imaginable. Despite this, I did not give up on my dream: to work hard to wear the jersey of my national team. In between, many things happened, and it was no accident. Of course, not everything is under our control, but what we must do is try to build our future, brick by brick. Mara Navarria, fencer and 2018 world champion in epee: ‘Sport, in my case fencing, has also been a valuable ally in my studies and private life. Every time a goal is reached, my bar is always raised a little higher, this involves commitment, hard work and sweat but also the chance to get closer to and reach one’s dreams. ‘Play Your Future’ can help us reach our destination thanks also to our passion for sport”.

Federica Cesarini, rower, and Olympic champion in Tokyo 2020: “We design our future. With our qualities, skills, and daily training. The world is constantly evolving and the only tool we must keep up with the times is to continue training daily. In sport, as in life: train today, train tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Cultivate your talents and never stop improving”.